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Women and Girls Department

Our Department

Our concept for player development and training follows mainly that of our youth academy, though the different requirements of young female footballers are taken into account, so training programmes can be adapted accordingly. Ours is an age and performance-oriented structure for each individual player with reference to their current phase of development. In order to ensure the continued development of our young players, 1.FC Union Berlin work together with qualified coaches in the women's game.

The women's department networks with its partners in a number of different ways. Most of the girls active at 1.FC Union Berlin attend the sports-focused Merian High School in Berlin-Köpenick. The school offers training units for girls, conducted by youth coaches of 1. FC Union Berlin, accompanied by teachers from the school.

In addition, the learning centre can be used as a classroom as well as for tutoring and teaching. Comprehensive medical care for the girls is guaranteed in close cooperation with the club's youth academy. The physio department of the club is available to the girls in case of need. Union's medical partner is DRK Schwesternschaft.

1. FC Union Berlin work together with a large number of partner clubs in order to maintain a high level of talent promotion in the youth setup. Through school groups and joint visits to professional league games, the youngsters are given a solid introduction to football.

Our aim is to create a pathway for young women footballers into the higher performance bracket and to support them in both their schooling and sporting endeavours.